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Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun

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The Fastest & Easiest Way To Bathe Your Dog!Let's face it: Giving dogs a good bath can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Especially if your pup tries to escape at every opportunity.

Introducing the Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun!
The Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun was designed to simplify your bathing routine, from mixing soap to lathering, scrubbing and rinsing. Making baths much quicker, easier and more effective!

1. Prepare

Connect the Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun to your garden or shower hose. Then fill the bottle with any type of dog shampoo. (Thick & thin works)

2. Set

Choose your desired spray mode on the nozzle head. The soap flow can be adjusted with the dial at the top.

3. Bathe

Click the handle to turn the water on/off. The Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun creates an effective soap mix as it sprays, so you'll get the job done in a snap.

4. Rinse & Reward

Turn off the soap and give your dog a good rinse. Lastly, dry and reward your dog with treats and love!

Clean Down To The Skin.

Feel more confident that your dog is actually clean & healthy. With 2x more pressure than an average hose, 8 dog-tailored spray modes and adjustable soap dilution, the Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun will remove any stubborn dirt underneath the coat. Mud, poop, sweat, dandruff – it'll vanish!

Reduces Stress & Anxiety.

It’s no secret that most dogs would rather skip bath time. The Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun however creates a fast and seamless bath experience, helping your dog to stay calm during the process.

Package Include:-

1x Water Hose Nozzle Spray Gun

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Joan D

We love this product! Our dog goes to daycare two days a week and comes home extremely dirty. This makes it fast and easy to bathe her in the shower. We are able to fill the container with her gentle oatmeal shampoo so as to not dry out her skin.

Andrea R

This worked great to bathe my big Goldendoodle dogs. I used less shampoo and conditioner than usual and got the job done 1/4 of the time. Love it!

Sue N

My pup loves being bathed with this, instead of me having to lather him up and then trying to get his mane wet and all the soap out this nozzle is a lifesaver! Gets through his fur so easily and quickly.

Rebecca F

When my dog’s just got muddy feet I just use the shower setting and rinse him off. For a really muddy dog. I fill the bottle with dog shampoo. It works great.

Oliver G

Very sturdy, and works great. Easy to use. Purchased after seeing a groomer use it. Removed the back-breaking scrubbing and products were delivered to the skin amazingly! Highly recommend it for any spraying task with soaps.

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