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Thedealzninja䋢 Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet Mat

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Are you looking for a perfect present for your Dog?

TheåÊDealzninja‰ã¢ Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊis a clever and simplistically designedåÊeducational toyåÊfor training your pet and itåÊis both fun and engaging for your pet.

It is aåÊwell-designedåÊmat with multiple layers of different colour blades and pockets which can hide food chunks easily. It acts asåÊa puzzle to intrigue your pet's curiosity andåÊstimulatesåÊtheiråÊbrainåÊandåÊnoseåÊto search out the hidden treats.

The Dealzninja‰ã¢åÊSniffing Playing Pet MatåÊis a large size mat suitable for all sizes of dogs and can be used both indoors and outdoors.åÊBenefits of ouråÊDealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊ
Total Game Changer

The Dealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊis a fun way to help enhanceåÊyour pet's smelling sense and stimulatesåÊtheir brain.åÊOuråÊmat helps enhance their natural snuffing sense to find food, it also helps dogs to slow down their eating and benefits goodåÊdigestion.

It reduces anxiety and helps withåÊmental stimulation.åÊOur matåÊis an ideal present for anxious/nervous and older dogs. It is also good for handicapped pets.
Relieves Stress
The dealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊhelps relieve stress and relax your pet even when left alone at home. It will help dogs conquer their urge to destroy furniture, byåÊcalming the pets down.åÊ
What DoåÊExperts Say?
The dealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊhelps reduce pet pressure as sniffing is hugely beneficial for dogs and essential for their wellbeings. Experts say 20 minutes of sniffing training isåÊequivalent to an hour's walk in terms of enrichment for your dog.
Simple & Easy toåÊUse

TheåÊDealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊis easy to use as depicted below in four easy steps.

You may hide the kibbles in different pockets provided.

TheåÊDealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊcomes with various pockets. Some pockets are easy to find for a beginner pet and other small and hidden pockets come in handy when your dog gets the knack of searching the treat.
  1. Lay theåÊDealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊon the floor and grab some food/treatåÊin your hand.

  2. Pick your pocket(s) for hiding the food/treat for your pet.
  3. Hide the food/treat in the chosenåÊpocket(s).
  4. All set, get your dog on the mission. And your fun time starts while your petåÊsorts the puzzle.
Safe for Pets and Easy to Clean
The dealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊisåÊUltra-SoftåÊand tear-resistant. ItåÊis made up of sustainable hand-made anti-pilling fleece material and most important dogs areåÊsafe and healthyåÊwhen sniffing.
It is machine washable.
Perfect for Travelling

The dealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊis suitable for travelling as can beåÊeasily folded. This ensures we have thought through all aspects of the use of our products.Non-Slip Design
The dealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊhas aåÊnon-slip thick materialåÊat the bottom that holds it toåÊthe floor. It also has two strings to tie it firmly.åÊWhat's IncludedåÊ

You will receive our dealzninja‰ã¢ Foldable Sniffing Playing Pet MatåÊLarge (90cm x 90 cm), packed with our Quality Assurance.

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