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Shock Roulette Party Game

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The Most Thrilling Game Of The Season Is Here! ⚡😱

This game is perfect for those fun occasions where friends are getting together and need some entertainment. The thrill starts when all the friends insert their finger into a bucket and the light indicator starts moving! 😈

Screaming starts when the buzzing sound stops and one of the friends get hit by a virtual current!

⚠️ Note : The shock isn’t very intense but it is enough to make you jump a little! It’s more the nervous anticipation that makes this so much fun.

Make Your Game Nights Fun and Exciting 🤩

With Electric Shock Roulette, you and your friends can have hours of fun and laughs as you determine who’s going to be the next victim in a tense atmosphere! A fun party game played with your fingers. Great gift for family & friends.

📖 Rules to Play

  • Electric Shock Roulette can be played by 1 to 6 people.
  • Players put their finger in the small bucket, and the indicator light turns randomly. When the buzzing sound stops, one of the players will be hit by the virtual current.
  • Once electrocuted, you’re out of the game. Last player remaining wins the game.

📦 Package includes

1 x Shock Roulette Party Game

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Frank E. Evans

Other than someone getting lightly shocked, we cannot understand the rules or the competitive nature of the game. However, we did have a good laugh when our 9yo was the first shocked.

Harold P

I used this for a psychology class on anxiety and it worked so well, my professor went online and purchased one immediately. Very fun and shipped quickly.


This thing is awesome! Super hilarious. I got it for my kids for Christmas because they kept playing with the dog shock collar. This is a great and safer alternative! It's pretty funny, and I've even dared to try it a few times!

Eugene Zhukovsky

I used it as part of a competitive game for prizes and it was hilariously funny. We were all laughing waiting to see who got the shock. It's not a bad shock more like when you walk with socks on a carpet and then touch someone. I give it 5 stars because it was as described and worked.


Works great and is a ton of laughs only problem is that many people are scared to even attempt it. It would be like touching an electric fence.

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