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Pets Nursing Milk Bowl

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Tired of worrying whether your nursing pups are getting enough milk?

The Pets Nursing Milk Bowl is the best option to ensure that they're getting the right nutrition.

Forget about all the bottles and tubes. 

Introducing the most safe and effective pet nursing solution!

Why is Pets Nursing Milk Bowl invented ?

- As a Breeder with 20 years experience, I often hear that our fur babies die from manual feeding due to their mother cannot feed or have little milk. In order to solve this problem, the nursing milk bowl is invented.

What is Pets Nursing Milk Bowl?

- It's a new patented feeding device that restricts the outflow of fluid to avoid choking and aspiration. It also helps them regulate body temperature, sleep better and grow strong and healthy.

How does Pets Nursing Milk Bowl work?
It introduces the anti-chocking technology and allows the milk to flow slowly and evenly. It works on the same principle as a baby's bottle where it's vacuum-sealed creating no air going into your newborns. It's made of 100% food-grade silicone,  BPA Free and FDA approved! 

How to clean/sterilize Pets Nursing Milk Bowl?

It's easy to clean it with water and dishwasher safe! For sterilization, you can simply use hot water.

Does The Pets Nursing Milk Bowl have different sizes?

- Yes! The Size S is designed for Kittens and Small breed puppies,
the Size L is designed for Medium and Large breed puppies.

Package Include:-
1x Pets Nursing Milk Bowl

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jolene K

Long time an experienced breeder here…. Highly recommend! It works so well! Pups can latch easily and the flow is perfect! Saves so much time over bottle feeding individually.


Mom's milk didn't come in right away so this came in very handy. Simple to use as long as you follow the instructions by boiling it first to sterile and opening the nipple holes.

Colleen Gensel

I love this thing! I had week-old orphan puppies that would not eat for me. I tried everything and they were fading fast. Ordered the bubble ball and they took right to it. The puppies are doing great!

Danica T

Came in handy for my little fur babies. I bought 2, they come in different sizes which I have seen too late but it worked out with these small bowls.


I absolutely love this product! We have been blessed with 10 English bulldog puppies and the mom needed a little help keeping them all full and happy. It took the puppies a minute to figure it out but we stuck with it and now they love it!

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