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Pet Teeth Cleaning Spray

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Pet's Teeth Health By Repairing and Preventing Disease

Bad smell in your dog's mouth is most likely a sign of dental disease.
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of 3 suffer from pet periodontal disease. That is why brushing your pets' teeth every day is highly recommended but it is a challenge for all pet owners. Here's an easier way to take care of your pets' dental heath!

The Pet Breath Freshener adds 2-5 years to your dog's life by taking care of their teeth. This spray makes it easier for you to maintain your dog's healthy mouth without needing to brush. Just spray on your dog's mouth and eradicate stinky bad breath in an instant!

OVER-ALL ORAL CARE - Wipes out those bad bacteria on your pet's mouth which helps eliminate bad breath odor, reduce tartar, and control plaque buildup for a cleaner, healthier and better overall healthy mouth.

 PREVENTS ILLNESSES - When used daily and on a regular period, it helps prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis common in pets.

NO-BRUSH CARE - This easy-to-use pet spray for is the perfect preventative dental care solution for pets who hate having their teeth brushed while still keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

SAFE TO USE - Easily digestible and non-toxic formulation makes it safe to use for all your pets daily.

HASSLE-FREE USAGE - Simply spritz into your pooches mouth daily to support healthy dental hygiene without the hassle of a toothbrush, toothpaste or a time-consuming and expensive trip into the Vet.


Net Weight:
60 ml

Package Include:
1 x Mouthwash Cleaning Spray

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I have two Maltese and this product has greatly helped in removing built-up plaque. They do not mind the taste as they line up when I get the bottle out and offer them a dental chew after the use of the spray. I would recommend using it at least once or twice daily.

B Jackson

I purchased this product to keep from putting my older dog to sleep to have her teeth cleaned. It took a while to work but her teeth are getting whiter every day. Her breathing is much improved and the redness of the gums is gone. I will keep using it.


I honestly didn't think this would work that well but I was surprised. After a few weeks of using this product, the dark brown stuff in their back teeth started to slowly go away. Our dogs (Great Dane and St. Bernard) definitely didn't like the spray at first but now they are used to it. Great stuff!


We love this product. Our 3 boys seem to not mind it at all and we can see improvement in their teeth even our 8-year pup. They all seem to like the taste also so much that they keep wanting more after their morning spray! Lol

Wade J Schmidt

I've tried this in the past and others along the way, but always return to those brands. It seems to be their most effective keeping tartar in check. A great in-between brushing solution. Highly recommended.

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