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Pet Grooming Brush

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1.There are small serrations on the back of the comb to help you clean clothes and hair on the sofa.
2.Curly haired dogs/cats to keep your pet shiny and healthy.



Pet Grooming Brush Cat and Dog General Comb To Remove Floating Hair Sticky Hair Disposable Wipes Pet Cleaning Supplies
We sell long hair pet combs and short hair pet combs, please choose according to your pet category.

Professional cat hair brush
Regular use of this cat brush for long-haired cats gently and effectively removes loose hair, tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. Suitable for short, medium, long, coarse, fine or curly haired dogs/cats to keep your pet shiny and healthy.

Skin-friendly comb
The comb teeth are made of high-quality plastic. As a cat hair removal brush, it's perfect for depilating and massaging your pet without scratching your pet's skin, even sensitive skin.

3-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush
You can not only groom your pet, but also clean your pet's body. The package also comes with 10 pieces of beauty essence cleaning wipes, 1 piece can clean the whole body of a cat weighing about 10-15 catties.
There are small serrations on the back of the comb to help you clean clothes and hair on the so

Durable and washable
The whole body is designed with a combination of ABS and silicone, which is very durable and can be used in washing.


Type: All Pet's

Material: Plastic 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
M. Ramirez

Great little tool. Easy to use. I have four dogs with different hair types. Some with undercoats need the deciding tool, and some just need the brushes. This works for all of them, without having to purchase a variety of bushes. Great value for the price. Would definitely recommend it.


I absolutely love this combination brush, it is super easy to use, and I can even change out the prices with just one hand well still holding on to the cat. I no longer have to have multiple Combes and brushes for them. This is the best grooming piece I have ever bought.

Nancy Raye

This grooming set is perfect! I brush out the top coat and the undercoat once a week. The shedding has drastically reduced. Koa loves the attention. I highly recommend this product.

P. Hampel

This picks up hair and then pushes it to the top for easy cleaning. My cat loves it, I was originally worried this product would have the potential to hurt my animal, however, after using it for a bit, it's clear this was a good buy.

Eugene Zhukovsky

I use this on my german shepherd she doesn't love to be brushed and the bristles might need to be dulled or have silicone beads on them overall a very good brush.

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