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Finger Strengthening Band

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The Finger Strengthening Band prevents calcification in the joint area, strengthens the strength of your wrist and Band sallow your veins to stand out more and increases blood circulation in the wrist area. It doesn't matter whether you are old or young, the Finger is something for everyone and does not pose any problems with continuous use. It is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists.


The Finger Strengthening Band is made of high quality silicone, strong and sturdy, with nice elasticity and flexibility, not easy to tear. Applicable to most people, using hand therapy in different places, relieving wrist and fingers fatigue.


This Finger Strengthening Band offers 3 levels of resistance bands that vary from 3kg to 5kg. The levels are individually adjustable for your own grip strength, so that you can strengthen your grip strength in a targeted manner by continuously increasing the strength in stages.

Package Include:-
1x Finger Strengthening Band


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Great bought it for my mom after she had her stroke to strengthen her hands and fingers again she likes it but she just started using it so she gets worn out I guess quickly

T. Mahoney

They function as they should. Nothing really special but no complaints either. Level three is surprisingly tough, so that was a pleasant surprise. Pretty cheap as far as these things go.

Rachel G

If you want to increase wrist, hand, and forearm strength, these are must-have. I have a tennis elbow in my left arm and ulnar nerve entrapment in my right. These bands have helped with both.

B Wersel

This is a great product. I do weight training daily and have always struggled to build muscle on the outside of the forearm and I can attest to this working very well. I can see the exact muscles I am wanting worked being stretched and flexed as I use the bands. Give these a try!


These work like a charm. I love the 3 different resistance levels. It really strengthens the muscles that see no exercise. Highly recommended. It does work!

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