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Dog Coin Bank

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CUTE DOG BANK : The dog bank looks really cute & attractive. This robotic dog will eat up your Spare change and save money for you. Greatly help children to develop a good habit of saving money. "Put the coins in the dog bowl" Gather the coins that you saved up and place it into the doggy bowl. Coin bank accepts virtually all coins! We recommend only putting 3-4 coins at a time or else it might get stuck! "Watch as doggy consume your coins" It's a money hungry dog that only consume coins! You'll know he is happy when he starts to shake his head and tail start to wag up and down when consuming coins.
Your goal is to make this doggy as full as possible, so that means you'll have to start saving all your loose change for it. "Doggy stores all coins in the bottom compartment" Don't worry, the doggy doesn't keep the consumed coins for itself. It actually helps you save them in a little compartment that can be accessible .
This is such a fun way to save up money. Every time you have loose change, you'll think about your adorable doggy that is starving for your coins.

Colors: Black & White, Black, White, Brown and Brown and Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Wade J Schmidt

Love this bank. Gifted it to a 4 yr old and a 90-year-old as well. Works every time and makes one laugh. Not too many coins at once, please. Great value for the low.

Zakary Brown

Bought this for Easter for granddaughter. She loves it. We give her change to put into it to teach her to save her money. She likes watching the dog eat up the coins.

Tameshia W

This was a gift for my 5 - year- old granddaughter. She loves it- when I finally got to visit, it was one of the first things she wanted to show me. She showed me that the coin has to be nudged a bit to get the dog to push it into the slot. She looks forward to saving her coins.

karamdeep G

Good product for the price. I bought this for my nephew for his first piggy bank and not only does it do what it needs to but it’s cute to watch the money go in as well

Camille Owen

This is such a cute money bank. Works very well and is just joy watching the dog gobble up the coins. Love it!

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