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Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Cover

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Effective isolation of toilet seat rings to prevent cross-infection of skin diseases and infectious diseases.The disposable toilet paper cover is very suitable for travel and use.

Have you ever encountered such a toilet?

  • There are urine stains on commode.
  • There are Shoe print on commode.
  • There are some commodes that look very clean, but it is still not sanitary for you to use.

No Worry Of Public Toilet Anymore
  • Easy to use and fit well
  • Double layers and embedded design make it easy to cover toilet seat.
  • Symmetric design quickly matches various toilet seats, saving trouble to spot the front and back.
  • The extra-large coverage fits standard toilet seat, perfect for wide figure.
Biodegradable Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Cover
Individually Wrapped
  • Designed for home and travel, clean, prevent cross-infection, and care for your health.
  • These toilet covers come in individually packaged. Compact and portable, perfect for travel.
  • Bag design, completely isolated, anti-slip and anti-offset, odorless, safe to use.
Portable Pocket Size
  • Foldable and lightweight as pocket size.
  • Conveniently access to pocket, shoulder bag, backpack, work bag or travel bag.

  • ✔️ DISPOSABLE & SANITARY: The toilet seat covers are disposable, perfect toilet seat cover pad mat cushion potty protectors, perfect for on the go, for adults and their families; you can also try using them at home for help with potty training.
  • ✔️ WATERPROOF & NON-SLIP: The seat protectors are made from PO material and waterproof; the toilet seat covers will not slip or slide, as they are putted into the toilet seat to avoid falling off the seat, provides protection for your family
  • ✔️EASY TO USE & FIT WELL: Double layers and embedded design make it easy to cover toilet seat. Symmetric design quickly matches various toilet seats, saving trouble to spot the front and back. The 18.8"×16.5" size is bigger than normal disposable toilet seat covers and fits US standard toilet seat, perfect for wide figure.
  • ✔️ WIDELY USED FOR PUBLIC RESTROOMS: Widely used for many occasions like vacation, road trip, camping and outing in airport, station, hostels, hotel, hospital, amusement park, shopping center and so on.
  • ✔️ INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Travel friendly design, individually packaged travel potty seat cover in each pack, making easy to keep in carry-on luggage, a travel bag, toddler diaper bag, or your vehicle
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Material: PO film
  • Weight:30PCS:103G,50PCS:165G,100PCS:332G
  • Size:18.8*15.7inch
  • Package includes:30/50/100PCS x Plastic Toilet Seat Cover

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cynthia Patrick

These covers come in a tiny package fitting easily into a purse or pocket. They are very easy to use and dispose of. They are perfect for travel- especially for these germ-conscious times.

C Jones

I will purchase this product for the rest of my life. Thank you for creating a toilet protect that is safe , effective , and that easily travels with you

Oksana Grekova

I am really amazed at the quality/durability of this product. It slips on any size toilet with ease and provides an extra layer of protection for my little ones if we have to use a public toilet. Unlike the paper seat protectors, these stay in place until you finish, remove, and discard.

Sherry A

I love having these with me everywhere I go! I just lay one on top of the seat instead of wrapping the seat! The perfect way to get it on fast! I don’t flush it or the packaging just toss it in the bin!


These toilet seat covers are great for your purse when shopping, traveling, or just out and about. They come individually wrapped which is nice they are worth the purchase.

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