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Blue Foot Alignment Socks

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Do you have achy feet?

Then try these foot alignment socks! Why do your feet hurt after a full day of walking around? The answer might be simple: like virtually every other part of your body, your feet change shape throughout the day.

Feet are an amazing part of the body that do so much for us every day. Whether we're working, playing or just walking around, we rely on our feet to take us from place to place. Yet so often people neglect their feet and end up with aches and pains after wearing unsupportive footwear or standing all day in uncomfortable shoes.

Dirts Blue Foot Socks are designed to keep your toes properly aligned throughout each step so they don't unnecessarily rub together and cause pain. This can also help alleviate pressure on your heels and on the balls of your feet. Overlapping toes can also put unnecessary strain on your feet, but these crooked toes can benefit from the toe alignment of these Foot Alignment Socks.

What materials are the socks made from?

The socks are 80% Acrylic Yarn , 15% Spandex and 5% Elastane. 

The spacers are the same materials as the socks themselves

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Susanna S

I love the socks I wear them at night while asleep. I have Parkinson’s and the toes on my right foot like to turn under and it makes my legs sore on his socks help quite a bit. Kudos to whoever invented them.


I love these socks they are life!!! whenever I have any pain relating to my bunion these are the best! they keep my toes separated and give me the much-needed support I need! thank you happy feet! my feet truly are ‚Äúhappy‚ÄĚ because of you! I will be ordering again!

A. Ross

Fit is great, and soft on my feet. My toes are scrunched up tight and my pinky toes are folded under. These socks separate and help my feet breathe after a long day.


This is just what I needed. My small toes were curling under and turning inward. I also had some nerve problems. These are helping all my feet problems. give them a few days, they may feel unnatural at first. But they work.

Sherry Sims

This product has actually given my husband some much-needed relief from his foot pain. We were skeptical but decided to try them....they actually work as advertised!

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