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All-In-One Portable Watercolor Kit

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The All-In-One Portable Watercolor Kit is an innovative and portable painting set that you must love!! It combines a refillable water brush pencolors palette, and cleaning sponge together. With the foldable design, it is very convenient for carrying around and paint whenever you want!! 

There are 18 colors and 25 colors for selection. It is made of high-quality solid pigments that are easy to blend and paint. A color indicator on the panel locates your favorite colors. Let's grab it and start painting!!


  • Foldable Design: The water color kit is highly foldable into a small stack for easy carry. It is light and compact.

  • Colorful Palette: The are 18 colors and 25 colors for selection. This wide range of vivid colors blend with each other easily and have great results on papers. 

  • Refillable Water Brush Pen: It is convenient to paint with this refillable brush pen. You don't need an extra water cup for water supply.  

  • Easy Cleaning Sponge: There is a sponge for easy color mixing, painting, and cleaning

  • Stunning Drawings: With this all-in-one kit, you can create stunning drawings as many as you want!! Let's get it now!!

  • Type: 18 Colors / 25 Colors / 33 Colors / 42 Colors


  • 1 x  watercolor kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
M Morris

I LOVE these watercolors!! They are so vibrant and I can make them as sheer as I want to or blend with ease. My new favorite choice of color in my Studio!

Barbara Simmons

Beautiful paints for beginners or experts. The trays come out so you can choose a palette and go! Such gorgeous colors especially the metallic and moonstone. Love them!


I use this product for simple watercolor greeting cards. The colors are bright and have a good selection. As I make a lot of watercolor backgrounds, I like the wide pans. I think it is good value for the money. The quality of the paints is great.

Yang Liu

When they first arrived and were in a cardboard box, I was a little skeptical, but, they are beautiful to paint with. They blend and react extremely well with water, just like good watercolor paint should!


This product is used either as a background technique with underlying light washes, followed by opaque overlying layers of paint such as gouache or oil pastel or as a complete watercolor technique.

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