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7-Day Herb Germinal Serum

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Accelerate and Improves Hair Growth Highly Effectively.
Accelerates hair growth by at least twice as much faster!
Stronger and Healthier Hair After Constant Application.
Thickening up your hair by up to to 30%-40%.åÊTransform your hair intoåÊthicker, stronger, more healthy-looking.Fast and Visible Results Within 7 Days of Usage!
Expect visible results after 7 day of everyday application.SuperåÊHealing Formula, Repairs Damaged Hair.
Strong formula that penetrates deep within the scalp which strengthens and repairs hair.
Safe to Use. Made All Natural Herbal Ingredients.
Made of natural and organic extracts guaranteed for safe and frequent use.Prevents Hair Loss and Receding Hairline.
StimulatesåÊthe scalp and prevents the production of DHT and hair loss.Specifications:åÊ
  • Net Weight:åÊ30ml
  • Package Includes:åÊ1åÊ7-Day Herb Germinal Serum

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