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4D Hair Stroke Brow Stamp Brush

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Sculpt your arches with ease using this multifunctional brow filling brush!

A squared-off styled angled brush with fine multiple bristles that is designed to create natural-looking hair-like strokes. Convenient stamp-to-draw design - 1 single stamping action creates multiple realistic strokes that mimic natural growing direction of brow hairs. Providing you with an effortless a microblading effect in no time without the need to hit up into the salon. Stamp to glam up your brows without making them too fake and solid!

Features a lightweight, ergonomic handle for better maneuverability and comfort. It enables you to confidently use it for multiple, long eyebrow sculpting sessions without experiencing hand strains or fatigue. Perfect for outlining brows for those with fully shaved ones or filling in sparse eyebrows.     

This brow filling brush can expertly hold against different eyebrow products, including powder, gels, inks or pomade brows and such. Simply dab the brush onto the eyebrow gel (or your eyebrow cosmetic) and align it onto the shape of your natural brows. After that, gently brush it upwards until it fills in your eyebrows to your desired shape and done. Moreover, this brush is also highly versatile even for drawing in your hairline.  

Grace yourself with a full proportioned arch at all times only with this multifunctional brow filling brush!


  • Microblading Effect Brow Stamp Brush
    A versatile, squared-off styled eyebrow brush designed with multiple ultra-soft fibers that successfully fills in gaps and shape up arches. It delivers fine hair-like strokes at once which enables you to instantly create perfectly thickened, naturally-looking brows with ease. Saving you from your time-consuming beauty session while still providing you with eyebrows on fleek anytime. You can use it for outlining brows for those with fully shaved ones or filling in sparse eyebrows.     

  • Comfortable Handle
    This brow filling brush features a lightweight, ergonomically designed round handle that can be comfortably held with any hand size. Providing you a secured gripping with an optimized maneuverability to prevent hand straining and fatigue even after a prolonged use. Additionally, it has a precise angled head so you can neatly make smooth, fluid lines effortlessly at all times.
  • Easy Stamp-like Brush 
    Engineered with synthetic fibers so it can hold impressively against different eyebrow products. Suitable for powder, gels, inks or pomade brows and more possibilities. Simply dab the brush onto eyebrow gel, align it to your natural brow & stamp to create strokes! 1 single stamping action creates multiple realistic strokes that mimic natural growing direction of brow hairs. Providing you with an effortless a microblading effect.

  • Long-lasting Eyebrow Gel
    Comes with a fully waterproof, smudgeproof eyebrow gel that generally lasts up to 15 hours.

  • Versatile Uses
    This high-performance angled brow brush is not only applicable for shaping and filling in your arches, but it also works for other makeups. Ideal for applying concealer, contouring, eye shadow primer or even for drawing in your hairline and so on. No worries as this multifunctional brush is highly gentle on skin so you can confidently use it on the face without scratching or harming the skin.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, cruelty-free soft synthetic fibers with an excellent durability and long-lasting performance. Equipped with well-constructed, corrosion-resistance ferrules. Preventing all bristles from easily falling-off, deforming or damaging even after years of daily eyebrow shaping. It is also hypoallergenic so it can come into direct contact with any skin-types without causing irritations, redness and other discomfort.


  • Material: Synthetic fibers
  • Brush Length: 16cm
  • Net Content (Gel): 3g
  • Shelf year (Gel): 3 years 


  • 1 x 4D Hair Stroke Brow Stamp Brush OR
  • Brow Stamp Brush Full Kit:
    • 1 x Stamp Brush
    • 1 x Brow Gel (3g)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daisy M.

I want to try dark gray at first but I have found dark blonde works great! This looks so natural and stays on no matter what!

Leslie B.

Doesn't smudge for HOURS! I've slept in it and woke up with them still there and still there after showering! I use it every day now :)

Margie D.

Love this pen it goes on easily and makes realistic hair strokes for eyebrows. I was thrilled with how my brows looked when I went out for the evening!

Shelly H.

I have been so impressed with the realistic hair strokes when using this brush. This is simple and so easy to use. My time to get ready is much more reduced now! It is so pigmented and waterproof too! I went swimming and I was so shocked at the fact that it was still on and I still had full brows!

Yvonne O.

I’m completely satisfied with the product! First, I am not a makeup artist, I'm no makeup guru, I'm just a normal girl who puts on makeup, IN A RUSH, before work. lol I love the brush. Easy to control and my brows look more flawless than ever!

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